my reputation precedes me

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y’all. one of my newest (and most awesome) friends has taken a liking to my blog (and i don’t hate it) and in her perusal, has learned of my tendency to foster a joeslationship (relationship with a trader joe’s employee) or two. well if we hadn’t already concluded that the world is about the size of a tea cup, she sent the following email to me yesterday confirming it:

Soooo after reading a story (or 2) in your blog about your frequent trips to TJ’s in enc. and having been asked out by an employee (or 2), I thought I may know one of those mysterious creepers who asked you out! A very dear childhood friend of mine works (sorry, worked) there for a few years. He shared many stories about when cute girls would come in his “go-to” swoop would be to buy something in her cart or give her a flower.
I was on the phone with him the other day and thought it wouldn’t be too far off if you were one of those girls…sure enough he DID admit to remembering you. He responded with “ya…I think I bought her a case of water, but she went out with another guy who worked there.”

apparently i was just one of many victims of his “go-to” swoop. i mean, i’m equal parts flattered and saddened by this revelation. but at least i got a free case of water out of it. and yes, i did go on a date with a different employee. i hope it made him jealous, too.

i’ll say it once, and i’ll say it again, my life is just really good material for this blog.

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  • Teresa
    October 19, 2012

    That’s really crazy. It really is a small world. And, people really are interested in you… and your daily goings on.

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