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so new studio barre choreography launched this past tuesday (it changes quarterly). but with my pesky real job getting in the way, i was unable to attend the official choreo “launch” with all of my fellow instructors. instead, i settled for watching the podcast videos posted on our private facebook page and memorizing the moves in the two classes i took last wednesday and thursday. it’s called being resourceful, i think.

to ensure i was on the right track, shannon and i pow wowed at the studio on sunday. i mic’ed up and cued the exercises in the new warm-up routine, line by line, doing my best to remember the set-ups and number of reps for each set. when we finished, i was a) out of breath (which is sad because i wasn’t even really doing the exercises full out, apparently just speaking them takes a lot out of you) and b) pleasantly surprised by how much i had already committed to memory. but shannon reminded me that my job was more than simply inputting the choreography and regurgitating it back in class. sure it was important to memorize the proper verbiage for cues, but without adding in your individual flare, your voice could end up sounding extremely monotone. see also: snoozeville. so she offered me some advice.

in so many words she explained that the thing that makes an “okay” barre tender a “fabulous” one (with groupies and everything) is that intangible warmth that exudes from her in class. the little “isms”, the smile in her voice, the smile on her face, too. coupled with mastery of the choreography, everything comes together to create the total package.

and who doesn’t want to be the total package?

so how i asked how i could i take it from “good” to “great.”

apparently it was simple:

“teach as if you were teaching it to your very best friend.”

so i took that advice to heart.

and then it just so happened that last night i had the opportunity to teach a class as if my best friend was in the room. because she really WAS in the room. that’s right, B took my 6:35 p.m. class and despite the hiccups (go ahead ipod, just quit on me during abs, and don’t mind me, just turning off the lights at the wrong time), it honestly really did make a difference. so hopefully she’ll just agree to move back in with me and attend class regularly and then i won’t have to worry about it anymore.

what? a girl can dream, can’t she?

anyway, it has almost been exactly one month since this whole new chapter officially began. it is bananas to think how much can change in 30 days. i am just weeks (days?) away from being trusted to teach an entire class BY MYSELF. and while that fact kind of makes me want to cry and laugh simultaneously, it is also super rewarding -to see the fruits of my labor begin to pay-off, to be reminded that i am more capable than i oftentimes give myself credit for, and to know full well that the Lord’s timing is always perfect. even in seemingly trivial circumstances.

as of now, “my” classes will be tuesday evenings -5:30 p.m. & 6:35 p.m. and saturday mornings -9:35 a.m. & 10:45 a.m. so obviously clear your schedule and come tuck with me! find more information about the studio by visiting our website at


action shot || posing with my star student.

action shot || posing with my star student.


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