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it’s (almost) the weekend, y’all! and despite the forecast for a summer (thunder) storm, S and i won’t let it put a damper on our plans! items on the weekend agenda include a trip to stone brewery in escondido, brunch in downtown encinitas, and taking our beach cruisers for a ride around the neighborhood. i know my skin could definitely use a healthy dose of vitamin D so i’m very much looking forward to some quality time al fresco. how ever you’re choosing to spend the next few days, i hope they’re memorable, relaxing and above all else, fun!

here are my top six things from the week:

one || antler antics. after finding a plaque at joann fabric a couple weeks ago and covering it with a walnut-colored stain, S adhered it to the antlers and mounted it on the wall this week. i must say, i’m completely smitten with how it turned out. it’s exactly what i envisioned (bigger, in fact) and seeing as it is now the only thing on the living room wall, i can’t wait to add more pieces to complete the room. for now though, it’s proudly hung above the best seat in the house — my oversized chair and ottoman. with how much the antlers protrude out into the room though, S has advised me against any tom cruise-style couch jumping. duly noted, babe.


hung antlers


two || barre babes. i stumbled upon this photo the other day while perusing the studio barre la costa facebook page. we snapped this group shot following the gal in the tutu’s 500th (yes, you read that correctly -FIVE HUNDREDTH) class a few weeks back and i loved it so much i wanted to post it here as well. minus one integral member of the group (we missed you, M!), this is my squad. these are my girls. a good chunk of my week is spent with these incredible women, either teaching them or tucking beside them in studio south. we share stories, laughs, and most definitely a few dozen eye rolls if fetal, chair, or knee dancing are involved. since becoming a part of the studio barre family almost two years ago -first as a client, and now as an instructor, i have had the pleasure of carving out a little community of women whom i truly adore. they are among the best parts of my day and in a season of life when so many of my girlfriends from childhood and college find themselves sprinkled across the country, i am grateful for a female squad that i can turn to nearly every single day of the week.


barre babes


three || eight is great. on tuesday, i celebrated eight (8!) years at ljcc. that’s kind of crazy, right? like any job i suppose there have been ups and downs and every elevation in between. but at the end of the day, i’m so grateful for the experiences, relationships -both with my members and fellow colleagues, and maybe most importantly, the personal growth i’ve undergone by being in a position that has slowly but surely transformed me into an extrovert (who would have thought?). so cheers to year eight, may it be as successful and full of stories to entertain S with at dinner than the seven to precede it.




four || taste to try: trilogy. last weekend i attended a baby shower for a dear friend. while i was happy to know a few of my fellow guests, there were just as many unfamiliar faces in attendance as well. time to make friends! i ended up sitting next to a gal named andrea during lunch who had a calm presence and was so easy to talk to. upon each sharing a little about ourselves, she began rattling restaurant recommendations. i suppose i look like someone who would enjoy overpriced juices and vegan food (which is basically accurate so…) because she really pushed a cafe on the rooftop of a place called trilogy sanctuary, “a place that encourages balance and healing through mind, body and spirit. nourishing your life” in downtown la jolla. in addition to offering yoga classes and other cleansing activities, they have a restaurant which serves only 100% organic, vegan, and gluten-free food! i’ve since perused the menu (get in ma belly, vega-nachos) and am very intrigued. somehow S has agreed to come on this adventure with me, so hopefully we can find an upcoming weekend to make the pilgrimage to trilogy for some vegan cuisine.




five || and away they go. as you may already know, yesterday was opening day at the del mar racetrack. while i wasn’t one of the 35,000 people in attendance, S and i do plan to make our way to where “the turf meets the surf” next month (with his parents in tow!). in the meantime, i will consult my hat collection and start brushing up my betting terms. i love this time of year.


track books


(scenes from last year’s trip to the races)

and finally,

six || sister, sister. the trailer for tina fey and amy poehler’s new movie sisters premiered on the tonight show with jimmy fallon this week and we were all yet again reminded why these two ladies should just make all the movies and host all the awards shows.



sisters is set to release on december 18th. merry christmas to us!

on that note, have a wonderful weekend! mad love to you and yours!

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