it’s friday, i’m in love || 2/8/19

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this friday, i’m in love with…

yoga! || after years of avoiding it -for multiple reasons like the fact that i’m too high strung, i’m not that flexible, i’m afraid of being bad at something (perfectionist vibes), and to be completely honest, i’m afraid of yogis being a little too comfortable with their bodies (if you catch my drift), i finally tried a ‘slow & flow’ (aka very gentle and introductory) yoga class at a local studio and absolutely LOVED it. the best part is that the teacher is one of our studio barre clients so i especially love getting to see her in her element.
between the breathing exercises and extended stretching, i left feeling relaxed yet invigorated and certainly much more in tune and grateful for my body. i am now committed to adding one class a week into my workout routine as my schedule allows! namaste.

tidying up with marie kondo || like most of the population, S and i finally watched tidying up with marie kondo on netflix featuring the organization queen marie kondo and her konmari method of decluttering your life. based on her best-selling book, marie kondo asks the featured families to go through the various parts of their home and determine which items “spark joy” and which do not. the latter is encouraged to be boxed up and donated (or tossed) in order to create a more streamlined space. feeling inspired (and with a rainy saturday at our disposal), S and i did our own konmari-ing this past weekend mostly in the form of paring down our closets. while i tend to purge every season (so my haul wasn’t that impressive), it had been a minute since S had done a thorough closet clean-out. i’m happy to report he filled a bag and a half for the consignment shop and EVEN employed marie kondo’s infamous folding practice to make our dresser look like a well-organized boutique! if you’re in the cleaning mood, i highly suggest you watch an episode or two for inspiration. you can start small with your closet or take on a bigger project like your kitchen, garage or in our case -our office (that’s next on our list!).

in my online shopping cart: hallelujah, spring clothes are making their way into stores and i couldn’t be more excited! while the weather is far from supporting exposed limbs, it is fun to see what colors/patterns/prints will be trending for the new season. right now i have a few items idling in my cart in preparation for warmer days including this ruffled dress and this happy yellow tie-shoulder frock, this top in a dreamy french floral print, and these woven slingbacks. and because valentine’s day is next week, i LOVE this heart sweater, this red and white polka dot jumpsuit, and this adorable heart pj set.

favorite outfits from the week include: alicia’s gorgeous floral dress (and her adorable baby bump!), julia’s romantic blouse & kate’s hawaii outfits

a sneak peek of what’s coming next week:

the coziest jumpsuit you NEED in your closet

after days of non-stop rain (and therefore no desire to go out), S and i are having a proper date night this weekend (!) and i plan on sharing my #ootn

three things i’m looking forward to this weekend/next week:

date night for thai food

my weekly yoga class (see above)

valentine’s day (who doesn’t love celebrating love?!)

hi, how are you?! it has certainly been a minute. more like an hour, to be honest. i had no intention of taking such a lengthy break from blogging but i must say, a more sporadic posting schedule feels right at this current juncture. i always want this space to be something that feels like a treasured hobby rather than a resented chore so i’m giving myself the grace to find the happy medium between the two extremes. right now it feels good to pop in as i feel -as i have the extra time to do so -and in true transparency, as i have useful content to share. between focusing on starting our family and spending days in workout clothes, i’m afraid the blog has dipped down on the priority list. but like all seasons, i know this one is transitory and it is my sincerest intention to get back to a more regular posting schedule as time and content allows. SO with all of that said, thanks for bearing with me and for staying the course. i appreciate (and miss!) you very much.

in other news, how are we already into february? i hope your 2019 is off to a wonderful start. january felt like it lasted forever but february feels like it’s already flying by! weird how time works, right? anyway, i hope you’re doing well wherever you are and are staying warm -especially if you’re anywhere in the middle of the country. have a great weekend and i’ll see you next week.



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