it’s friday, i’m in love || 3/15/19

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this friday, i’m in love with…

queer eye season 3 || i am BEYOND thrilled that the fab 5 are BACK tonight with a fresh season of makeovers. i’d like to say that i will pace myself and spread the episodes out over the course of a few days, but let’s be honest, we’ll probably be binging them all tonight. here’s the trailer for what we have to look forward to. p.s. if you’re looking for another netflix recommendation, i highly suggest dating around. such an interesting commentary on the status of dating in 2019.

a king bed || what size bed do you have? i’ve had a queen bed for pretty much my entire adult life (aside from that extra long twin in college). when S and i got married, we opted to keep the bed i had with the intention of eventually upgrading to a cal king once we had the room to do so. when we moved into casa de rivera last year, we were very enthused to learn our master bedroom could finally accommodate a much more spacious sleeping situation. so the time has come to upgrate our queen to a cal king. S is building us the base, headboard, and foot board (recreating this west elm mid-century modern style), and last weekend we went and tested out mattresses and i think we’re going to go with the leesa brand. a new bed seems such an ‘adult’ thing to be excited about, but it’ll be so nice for both of us to have some room to spread out when catching our zzz’s.

in my online shopping cart: after some encouraging, i ordered this cozy button-down top in a fourth color because when you find a top you love, why not snag it in every color?! speaking of abercrombie, after falling for their mom jeans, i’m not contemplating purchasing them in a second wash -perhaps this more distressed version. with warmer weather hopefully on the horizon, i’m thinking about amping up my sundress collection with this and this and while i don’t necessarily need another pair of leopard flats, i think these sandals might need to come home with me ASAP.

favorite outfits from the week include: shannon’s pink ruffled dress (and her cute baby bump!), natalie’s abercrombie try-on session, and jess’ recap of a week’s worth of outfits

three things i’m looking forward to this weekend/next week:

i’m teaching 9 barre classes in the next three days so i’m REALLY looking forward to a nap, some good snacks, and monday’s massage

trying out a new-to-us mexican restaurant in our ‘hood

coffee with a girlfriend and her toddler

and in case you missed it, here’s what appeared on the blog this week:

styling wide-leg crops

mom jeans

styling a denim skirt

hi! how are you?! i can’t believe i managed to get three blogs up this week and you know what? it feels great to be back! ironically my blog is getting some much needed TLC over the next few days so i’ve been advised to limit my posting (don’t worry, it won’t look any different to you!) but rest assured, i’ll be back the following week with fresh content! a try-on at abercrombie has been requested by a few of my instagram followers following this post so stay tuned for that. otherwise, i hope your march is going well and you’re enjoying the extra hour of daylight. the temperatures are (fingers crossed) finally supposed to get into the high 60’s over the course of the next few days and i cannot wait to get some sunshine in my life. bring on the vitamin d!

with that, i’ll see you soon, have a great weekend/week.



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