going going, blonde

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big news.

i’m blonde.



after toying with the idea for almost a year, i finally took the plunge back into the bleach pool. and i must say, the water feels fine. but arriving back to a lighter shade didn’t come without a little pre-planning.

after being what i would call an “unnatural” shade of blonde for so many years, i figured a little research might behoove me this time around. that meant hours spent on pinterest finding example photos to show my stylist as well as a little consultation with some of my blonde-haired friends. since “blonde” encompasses such a wide spectrum of colors, i’ve always heard that if you love someone’s specific hair color, you should simply ask them for their stylist’s information. so that’s what i did. and after a bit of scheduling shuffling, i scheduled an appointment with whom i hoped to be my new best friend -megan at detour salon. so using olivia palermo as my blondspiration, megan worked her magic and three hours later (have i mentioned i have a lot of hair?), i emerged from the salon completely in love with my hair again.

as trivial as it may seem, i can’t deny the fact that having lighter locks has somehow given me a whole new spring in my step. maybe there really is something to be said about blondes having more fun.

we’ll soon find out, won’t we?



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