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one look at my wardrobe and it’s easy to see i’m a fan of color. if it’s fuchsia, chartreuse, olive, or the perfect shade of navy, i’m in. after trial and error for the past twenty-nine years, i’ve learned that mustard yellow and aubergine are my friends and to just say no to pastels. i’ve also learned that i gypped myself by only having five years in the 80’s -my most flattering color? neon. who knew?

but lately, as my style continues to evolve in my *cough* older age, i’m finding there is something to be said about a more neutral palette. color, while fun, can also be limiting in its versatility. neutrals on the other hand, play nicely with everyone. they’re like the switzerland of the clothing world. and who doesn’t love switzerland? they have great watches, amazing tennis players, and chocolate. the BEST chocolate.

anyway, like everyone on the internet it seems, i recently cleaned out my closet. i realized that i was still holding onto a lot of pieces for their emotional value rather than their functionality in my life. i was luckily able to sell a portion of the items to a dear friend who will undoubtedly give my clothes a great home and plan on taking the rest of the haul to one of the local consignment shops in hopes of making some more money for future wardrobe additions. it has been a cleansing experience overall. and more importantly, getting rid of the old, has made some room for the new.

speaking of new, in keeping with my new found love for neutrals, i recently added a few versatile pieces to my wardrobe thanks to j.crew factory and their 50% off site wide sale. despite being discounted, i still thought long and hard about each purchase. i can’t help but think that in seasons past, i would buy something just for the allure of having something new (or getting it on sale). now i’m more calculated with what i add to my wardrobe, asking myself questions like will it function for work and for play? will it last me season after season? do i have at least three things i can pair it with? will it make me feel pretty/comfortable/stylish?

for the four things that finally made their way into my online shopping cart, the answers to all of these questions was “yes, yes, yes, and yes!” i can’t wait to feature them in future daily outfit posts and wear them all summer long. here’s what came home with me:

factory tissue v-neck tee in heather graphite.


factory_vneck tee


who doesn’t love a good grey v-neck tee? it’s effortlessly chic and can be dressed up or down. paired with a pencil skirt and heels for an office-appropriate look or with a pair of denim shorts, vans, and a fedora for the quintessential weekend ensemble. speaking of denim shorts…

factory denim roll-up shorts in classic white.


factory_white shorts

fact: i love denim shorts. in fact, the dark-washed version i got a few years ago at j.crew factory are hands-down my favorite pair i own. they have been with me on countless vacations and errand runs around town. i love how both versatile and comfortable they are -with just a hint of stretch. so naturally, when i saw the store was having a sale on their white denim version, i knew they would be the perfect compliment to my summer wardrobe. i love white denim all times of the year, but especially during the warmer months. not only does it instantly make you look tanner, it looks great paired with anything colorful (something i think i can do fairly easily as you know).

factory pleated ponte dress in stripe.


factory_b&w dress


there are a few things i look for in a dress -is it comfortable? is it flattering? is it an appropriate length? can it pull double duty for work and play? and last but certainly not least, does it have pockets? this dress passed all of my requirements and then some. it’s also made of a durable material (ponte), striped, and black and white- making it the perfect canvas for a colorful shoe, necklace, or bold lip. i can already picture it with a jean jacket, panama hat, and sandals for summer weekends or an upcoming vacation or paired with black tights, heels, and my crystal bib necklace for the monday-friday grind.

factory d’orsay flats in dark cedar.


factory d'orsay flat


i’ve made it no secret my love for d’orsay flats. they look great with jeans, skirts or shorts and make your legs look a mile long. in cleaning out my closet and shoe collection, i noticed i didn’t own just as simple neutral flat. i have some with sparkle, some two-toned, some with leopard print, or bows, but nothing classic. so when i spotted these babies in a dark cedar color, i knew they would be the perfect pair to fill the void. the leather is suitable all year long and durable to stand up to the wear-and-tear i unfortunately put my shoes through. i can’t wait to break them in!

truth be told, i’ll always have a love for color. but with these latest purchases, and a more streamlined wardrobe, i’m learning to be nuts about neutrals, too.

p.s. 40% off everything today (prices as marked), plus FREE shipping

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  • Aunt Teresa
    April 28, 2015

    You have the legs (and youth) for the shorts. The t-shirt is darling. The dress is just the cutest things I’ve seen – reminds me of Audrey Hepburn (and she’s gorgeous). The shoes look very nice and I’m sure you’ll get lots of use out of them. Great choices. (And you can’t beat 40% off!)

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