fitting room fables || holiday 2017 edition

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10″ high-rise skinny jeans chewed hem edition (26) || no use burying the lead, THESE ARE THE BEST JEANS EVER. there, i said it. i have a whole post dedicated to them for next week, but in the meantime, if you’re into high-rise (and i mean almost to your belly-button high-rise) jeans, these might be the best out there. after watching them sell out nearly twice during the black friday/cyber monday sales madness, i was fearful they were gone for good. but low and behold, one of the sales associates at madewell was able to find me a pair in my size and i just checked the madewell website again and aside from a size 23, all of the sizes are fully stocked! anyway back to these jeans. i wasn’t so sure about the “chewed hem” that really does look like your dog took a bite out of your pant legs (ha!) but the tiny detail gives these jeans a bit of grit, which i ended up loving. after ditching a few pairs of blue denim over the last year, i had been looking for a more traditional wash so these were perfect for filling the void. i could go on and on, so i’ll wrap it up. do yourself a favor and go buy these jeans, STAT!

size verdict: true to size. 



9″ high-rise skinny jeans button-through edition (26) || it’s funny how much influence the rise of a jean waistband has on me, but after trying on the aforementioned pair, this nearly identical version in a 9″ rise felt almost -dare i say it -too low? for whatever reason, these black beauties hit my torso in a weird spot making them less comfortable than their blue cousin. regardless, they are still super cute and perfect if you need to spruce up your denim collection with a good black pair. the button-fly detail as well as the chewed hem both add a bit of character while the flattering cut (that is synonymous with madewell denim -it’s the BEST!) still ensures that they’ll be a closet staple you’ll reach for again and again. they’d be perfect with this top (which i tried on but forgot to photograph) and these block heels.

size verdict: true to size. but the reviews say they do stretch out, so perhaps size down?


long waffle cardigan (x-small) || i had spotted this sweater online before our trip to the store and was instantly intrigued by its waffled fabric and midi length. it’s fairly thick and feels more like a coatigan (coat + cardigan hybrid) than a regular sweater, so it would be a great layering piece for fall and even in early spring, when the temperatures are still chilly. in all honesty, i went back and forth for a while in the dressing room before ultimately deciding to forgo it based mostly on the fact that the collar felt a little matronly on me. but i love the light-grey color and its front pockets. if it wasn’t already sold out in my size, i think this sweater-coat might have been a little more my speed.

size verdict: true to size-ish (it runs a little roomy). they didn’t have an xxs in the store, but in thinking about this sweater as a layering piece, it might be nice to have a little extra wiggle room. 





metallic pebble print jacquard skirt (2) || i usually stay away from mini skirts (since i’m on the taller side) but this one was too cute not to try on. i love the faux bow on the front (it’s sown on so the skirt has a side zip closure) and the pebble print which i particularly love because it resembles polka dots (of course). i’d probably wear this with a pair of tights, pumps, and a neutral colored sweater. but it would be cute with a pop of color like this sweater and a matching lip.

size verdict: true to size.



metallic bell-sleeve top (small) || i can’t seem to find a link to this top on j.crew’s website, but in addition to this rose gold color, it also comes in silver (and one other color, if memory serves me). i’ll be honest, it’s a strange fabric -very light-weight but a little tinsle-ly feeling. i think it’s the metallic sheen that makes it slightly itchy. but if you can get past that and are looking for a festive top to pair with some velvet wide-leg pants or lace pull-on trousers for your annual christmas card photo or an upcoming holiday brunch with your girlfriends, this one would work in a pinch. side note: j.crew has sales every other minute so wait until this top goes on discount before scooping it up!

size verdict: depending on the shirt, i waiver between an x-small and a small at j.crew. i took a small here and it fits true to size.



velvet going out top (2) || with a little less than three weeks until christmas, i still have yet to purchase something velvet for my wardrobe. but at this point, i’m not so certain i need such a season-specific garment -at least for now. if i were going to snag a last-minute piece to pair with my new jeans (see above), it would probably be this cute ruffled cami. the lighting in this photo isn’t doing the color justice, but i was really drawn to this pale grey, almost lavender shade. it also comes in black, green, and a bold red. throw a blazer or a leather jacket over it and you’d be good to go!

size verdict: runs a little big, probably could have sized down to a 0 since i have such a small bust.





levi’s orange tab overalls (26) || you guys, i’m going to find a good pair of overalls that fits this long torso if it kills me! and you know what? this pair was the closest i’ve gotten in recent tries. sadly they were still just a tad bit tight in the crotch area for me to feel comfortable taking them home, but boy for those few minutes in the dressing room, i felt alive. in all seriousness, i’ve never tried on levi’s jeans before (i know, weird) so i was curious to see how they’d fit. these had a zip closure on one side and i found them to fit pretty perfectly (at least in the waist). as you can see, the straps were slid down to their loosest setting, and even with that, it still felt like my lower half was being pulled up by suspenders. so sadly, i didn’t snag these, but if you have a more proportional torso and are looking for a dark denim pair, these are adorable. i especially love the unfinished hem.

size verdict: true to size. 

maeve striped ruffle-sleeve tee (small) || while i don’t shop at anthropologie as frequently as i used to, i am quite familiar with the brand maeve. this top is maeve, actually. anyway, the brand tends to run big and this style was no exception. in all honesty it was kind of an afterthought as i was more concerned about the overalls at the time, but it’s a great thick cotton material with a zip closure up the back. the stripe colors kind of have an ombre pattern (they remind me of a creamsicle!) and the ruffled sleeves aren’t too overbearing. i’d probably pair it with grey jeans now and maybe denim shorts next spring?

size verdict: runs big, size down.



ett:twa claudette sequined jumpsuit (4) || sometimes i’m like a dog and get distracted by shiny things (squirrel!). when the light in the anthropologie showroom caught the sequins on this jumpsuit, the reflecting sparkle immediately caught my eye. despite the fact that i would have nowhere to wear it, i insisted that i try it on. having recently done some shopping at the store herself, my mom recommended i size up (we’re long-torso twins). i’m very glad i did because even in the bigger size, the inseam was barely long enough. i’m not going to lie, this garment is strange. the inside is lined with a jersey fabric that’s reminiscent in what you find on the inside of your favorite cotton sweatshirt. so sequins aside, it almost gives off a pajama vibe. but then it has sequins, so, fancy pajamas? at any rate, it was a big no thank you from me. anthro has a ton of cute holiday options this season (this, this, and this) but i don’t think this jumpsuit is one of them. womp, womp.

size verdict: runs small, size up!


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