no forwarding address

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i could probably count the number of times i've moved in my life on one hand. well, at least the ones that i remember (you don't recall much before solid foods). for one who isn't the fondest of packing up all of her belongings and hauling them from point a to b (mostly because clothes, ...

come here often? (the jimbo’s edition)

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side note: sometimes i come up with what i think is a catchy post-title and then i think, hmm, that sounds oddly familiar, i bet i've used it before and totally thought it was clever back then, too. so then i have to use the search feature on my own blog and see if i have, in ...

bee noises

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not only is it my friday today -a fact that has become increasingly necessary and thrilling with each passing of the clock's minute hand -but it's also (almost) the eve on a brand new month, one that has me equal parts overbooked and over(ly) excited. so with that said, i would be a liar if i ...

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