love for lindsey

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so remember lindsey? perfect. i knew you would, how could you forget her? anyway, last thursday JP drove up to my neck of the woods to a) show off his new ride, b) take advantage of the yogurtland coupons we had obtained on our previous visit and c) hang out with me because i'm awesome. and ...

finding my way from san jose

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so no outfit photo today, i'm just coming upĀ for air after a whirlwind of a weekend of travel, bridesmaid-ing, father-celebrating, and QT with the boy. but if i could deduce the past fourish days events into a few simple sentiments, i would say this: the wedding was phenomenal. it was as if pinterest and style me ...

the fine line between routine and rigidity

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riiiiinnnnggggg. that's a lie, nine times out of ten i have my phone on vibrate. mostly because i've never changed my ring tone to be anything different than the same sound my alarm rudely makes at a-less-than-welcomed hour, so you know, i naturally equate phone calls with sleep interruption which just means that if you were ...

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