finding my way from san jose

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so no outfit photo today, i’m just coming up for air after a whirlwind of a weekend of travel, bridesmaid-ing, father-celebrating, and QT with the boy. but if i could deduce the past fourish days events into a few simple sentiments, i would say this:

the wedding was phenomenal. it was as if pinterest and style me pretty got together and had a lovechild. from the twinkly lights to the mason jars, burlap table decor to the rustic furniture and every little detail in between, it was simply perfect. but aesthetics aside, the nupts on the whole were just a wonderful declaration of the love shared between a boy and a girl who have waited patiently for the Lord’s providence to unite them as one. and i was lucky enough to don this little peach fuzz (the “official” color title) number and join in on the fun. so congrats again to the happy couple!

twinkly light perfection.



i would also say that air travel never ceases to bring me together with some of the most fascinating individuals. honestly y’all, we live amongst an extremely interesting group of humans. i mean, if i ever run out of blog material, i think all i’d have to do to find inspiration is camp out at charles lindbergh for a few days. 

finally, i would comment that while it is always fun to visit a new locale and partake in momentous occasions which warrant both reunions and friendships anew, there really is nothing, i mean nothing, like returning home to the ones you hold most dear (it also helps if there are mexican food and yogurtland involved upon said return, too).

the boy & i getting our culture on. cabrillo national monument following my airport retrieval.

america’s finest.

regular scheduled programming to resume SOON.


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