when cloudy skies are crying

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[sung to the tune of your favorite irish folk song and mine, when irish eyes are smiling.” i mean, obviously]

so it’s raining today (thanks captain obvious) and luckily i already knew that when i left the house this morning because karen from mean girls’ boobs told me so.

and while i may complain about commuting in said conditions or how it really does put a damper (literally) on maintaining my hairstyle for the day, i really do love the rain.

and maybe that’s because rain gives me the excuse to stay inside, exchange fancy clothes for sweats, and vege-out for the day. to forgo makeup and a regularly scheduled eating pattern, and even all taste when it comes to television programming. and while yes, i oftentimes do this even when the forecast calls for blue skies and sunshine, i feel a tiny bit better about my decision when the weather becomes inclement instead.

so today, i’m dreaming of exchanging my pencil skirt for this:

cozy sweater

if i had company, i’d be sure to throw on a pair of pants, too.

bundling up in a room that looks like this:

cozy bedroom and fire

sipping a libation that resembles this:


snacking on this:

i'd obviously cook it first.

i’d obviously cook it first.

listening to him:

ben howard

or him.

james vincent mcmorrow

(not that i’m not already doing that on spotify at this EXACT moment)

while reading this (for the third time):


or watching all five seasons of this:

friday night lights

the weatherman and my trusty iPhone app both forecast a continuation of this dreary weather well into the weekend. so while i may not be able to enjoy the aforepictured images NOW, there’s a pretty good chance i may in approximately 36 hours time.

tick tock, drip drop.


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