seeing my name in print

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when you’re knee-deep in a season of uncertainty, it’s important vital to take notice of the little victories that God sprinkles along your path. like stopping to smell the roses, force yourself to take delight in the happys that infiltrate your day to day.

so allow me to point out one such happy that recently laid claim on my path real estate.

after writing two articles for darling online and receiving a pretty darn good response from the readership as a result, my dear friend N offered me the opportunity to compose an article for the spring issue of the magazine’s PRINTED version. so of course you know i took eight days to get back to her. um, NO. i think the proverbial ink was still wet as i responded about two seconds after she sent the initial email with an enthusiastic (as enthusiastic as you can be through gmail) YES!!!!!!! (50+ exclamation points).

and after three healthy rounds of edits/rewrites, my article is slated to appear in the third issue which is available for pre-sale now (should you be so inclined). the subject matter is something that is near and dear to my heart (i know what you may be thinking, and surprisingly, it’s not about relationships, or at least not entirely) and i’m actually pretty proud of the composition that has emerged as a result of my (and the wonderful darling editors’) handiwork.

finally, while i would have gladly written said piece pro bono, this particular writing venture is (drum roll, please) officially my very first paid project. as in, i will be receiving monies for my words. and somehow knowing this makes me truly feel like a legit writer (not that i haven’t been throwing that title around for years now).

so today i am grateful to have been given this opportunity and more importantly, to be one step closer to my ultimate goal of being a published writer who gets paid regularly for her words.

i can’t wait to hold this baby in person. and by baby i mean this magazine, although i love holding babies, too.


photo credit: darling magazine.

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  • Teresa
    March 19, 2013

    Yea for you (50+ exclamation points). That’s gotta feel good! Congratulations.

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