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so i have a love/hate relationship with lululemon. mostly it’s just a love/love relationship because i realize that the money spent on workout clothes from said store totally pays for itself seeing how often i find myself in spandex (see also: daily), but still, i have a hard time throwing monies at apparel i sweat in. or excuse me, glow in.

but i’ll be honest, some of my most beloved items in my workout wardrobe are from the canadian-based company. they survive load after load of laundry and hi, they’re just really cute and flattering. plus, it makes me feel like i’m keeping up with the kardashians the real housewives of north county. anyway, after this weekend, i have found another reason to love lulu. because this weekend i brought home these babies:

studio pant II | lululemon.

studio pant II | lululemon.

and my lower half may never be the same.

now i realize these “to & from” (coined for their use as more of a “to the gym” and “from the gym” garment rather than a “at the gym” garment) pants are nothing new. i am, per usual, a tad tardy for the party. but now that i’m at the party, i’m never leaving. or rather, i plan on incorporating these pantaloons to all future “lounge-wear” appropriate events (see also: most friday nights, yogurtland-runs, jimbo’s runs, so basically anything having to do watching TV and/or getting food). additionly, they have now become my official traveling pants. kind of like the sisterhood of the traveling pants but without that whole sharing them with three other girls thing. in my version they just accompany me on my plane rides because why wear inhibiting denim when you can wear COOLMAX? i mean, exactly.

anyway, this is basically a psa-slash-fyi for the pants. a psa that you should go purchase a pair for yourself and an fyi that i enjoy buying over-priced workout wear. that i don’t even end up working out in.

whatever, plane travel is very rigorous.


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