blog crush friday: a lover’s anthology

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i don’t claim to be a beauty expert. i mean, i know how to apply a decent smokey eye and entertain a red lip every now and again but as far as knowing what brushes offer the best application or mascaras offer the best come hither lashes, i usually rely on, well, blogs like today’s featured crush: a lover’s anthology. i know elizabeth sort of kind of through a few mutual friends. i left a comment on her blog once, actually, twice,┬ábut i’m fairly certain she has no idea of our interconnected friendship web. but regardless of any sort of random connections we may share, i can say as an objective reader of her daily musings, that she would win my loyalty purely based on her exquisite writing style alone. lucky for me and for most of femalekind, she’s also really great about providing approachable advice about all things make-up, style, and hair-related.

speaking of hair, she recently completed a series entitled “30 days of hair” that essentially taught readers (through the amazing use of youtube video tutorials) how to fashion their hair in a myriad of styles. from beach waves to chignons, top knots and basic blow outs, she covered it all. and while i have yet to try it for myself (note to self, make it happen), this specific basic tutorial of learning how to curl your hair kind of broke the internet when it was first posted.

so if you’re looking to pump up your daily beauty routine in the new year, i highly suggest you scoot on over to elizabeth’s little corner of the interwebs. she wears really pretty lipstick and she’ll be really glad you came.

A Lover's Anthology

A Lover's Anthology2

A Lover's Anthology3

*all images compliments of a lover’s anthology

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