i did it all for the nook(ie)

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so in anticipation of a not-so-distant international trip, i set aside my disdain for non-leather bound reading materials and asked santa for a nook. because when it comes down to wanting to smell the musty goodness that comes in peeling back the front cover of a freshly printed book and, you know, carry-on space (not to mention the fact that books are heavy!), extra room for outfits and/or souvenirs wins out, every. single. time.

being not-so-technologically savvy, i must give myself snaps for setting up my nook all by myself. granted, there really wasn’t that much to set-up, just mostly plugging it into a power source to charge and setting up my barnes and noble account, but you know, it’s the little victories that add up, people. per the recommendation of a fabulous friend, i have already downloaded one ebook for perusal on the plane: i was told there’d be cake by sloane crosley. this, coupled with the hard back version of the boys in the boat that i actually do plan on hauling with me (why purchase it online when you already have it in hard copy?), are currently what i have to keep me occupied for over 28 hours (to and from) of flight time. which is, let’s be honest, not nearly enough. so i’ve collected a few more recommendations of which i’m currently considering, titles such as:

the husband’s secret
me before you
the group
the accidental bestseller
true story (it’s being turned into a movie with jonah hill & james franco)
brooklyn girls

but i welcome any and all additional recommendations -i’m a fast reader and i’m a bit fearful that i’ll blaze through my two novels before we’ve even reached international waters.

anyway, i think i might get kind of used to this whole reading books on a nook thing. i’m not gonna lie, it’s kind of fun to be able to have something so light and portable with wifi access so you can make purchases from the comfort of your own home/starbucks. real books will always be my first love, but sometimes it’s fun to pretend like i live in the 21st century every now and again.

image via: digital trends.

image via: digital trends.


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