it’s friday, i’m in love || 7/25/14

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it’s the last friday of july and i’m headed into another jam-packed weekend. tonight a special someone is treating me to a home cooked meal, tomorrow includes my nephew’s first birthday party and a his & her shopping trip to nordstrom (could be dangerous), and sunday i’ll be showering again, this time a special momma-to-be. never a dull moment around these parts.

so on that note, happy weekending from my soon-to-be depleted bank account to yours.

one || nordstrom’s anniversary sale. everyone and their mother has already posted about their top picks for this year’s collection of pre-fall goodies, so i won’t bore you with my finds. instead, i’ll simply say that after a long-time search for the perfect leopard pump, this year’s sale has finally produced my holy grail.

exhibit a:


halogen pump

image via: nordstrom



meet the halogen “marlie” calf hair pointy toe pump aka my new best friend. they say the best things in life are worth the wait. in this specific situation (and in a few other non-shoe related realms), whoever “they” are couldn’t be more correct.

two || clean clothes. nothing says “adulthood” like purchasing your own brand spanking new appliances. after a load of towels recently left my washer smelling like a campfire (without the s’mores), i figured it might be time to purchase a new one. so last sunday the mister accompanied me to home depot where bob, our most helpful golden-aged salesperson, sold me on a pair of GE cleaning apparatus. the awkward questioning he also provided (so do you all live together? or is he your brother? keep talking bob, you’re making this really fun) must have been included in the price. oh well. at least he ended with “you’ve got a good one. you should probably try to hold onto her.” thanks bob. for the appliances and your subtlety.


image via: d.t. mccall & sons

image via: d.t. mccall & sons


three || another one’s off the market. one of my best friends got engaged to the love of her life (and an overall amazing human) this past weekend and i could not be happier for her. R and J are the most perfect pair. you always hope and pray that your closest confidants find the men they deserve -ones that will love, honor, and cherish them forever and ever (amen). and i can confidently say that R has found that in her now fiance. anyway, R has already started a pinterest board to begin planning the wedding and lucky for me, i’ve been commissioned to assist in the process. i mean, as if i ever needed a reason to pin wedding details. at least now i actually have a legitimate reason to do it.


be cuter you two.

be cuter you two.


four || tuesday, wednesday, saturday. besides being three days of the week with some quality television programming (looking at you, wednesday and big brother), they are now the days that you can find me with a britney mic, turban, and an ipod remote control. i am officially offish a studio barre instructor. ON THE SCHEDULE and everything. so pick your poison -tuesday at 5:30 p.m. or 6:35 p.m., wednesday at 6:35 p.m. or saturday morning at 9:35 a.m. or 10:45 a.m. i promise not to hurt you. too much. 


barre schedule


five || the fun’s just begun, bubba is one! technically my nephew turns one on july 30th, but we’re getting the festivities started a little early by celebrating 365 days of his cuteness with a dinosaur-themed party at the park on saturday morning. gah, i can’t wait to kiss those one-year-old cheeks of his!


bubba is one

pre-partying at his first party two weeks ago.


six || german humor. sistah showed me this advertisement for berlitz, a global education company that helps anyone master a foreign language, while we sat in traffic on the way home from A’s shower last weekend. apparently it has been circulating for some time now, but seeing as i DVR most shows, i hardly ever actually sit down and watch commercials. but if all of them were this entertaining, i might watch live tv more often.



what are you sinking about? gets me every time.


have the best weekend. love y’all.

image via gary pepper girl


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