it’s friday, i’m in love || 6/9/17

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this friday, i’m in love with…

straw totes || it’s the bag of the summer and i’m contemplating finally snagging one of my own! as expected, i was too late to the party to snag this one from madewell before it sold out, but i’ve rounded up a few others i have my eyes on, including this one from j.crew that would be perfect for carrying peonies and other goodies home from trader joe’s!


damsel in dior || with almost a half-million instagram followers, jacey dupree of the beloved fashion blog, damsel in dior, is basically a household name -at least in the blogger realm. however, i’ve only recently really started reading her blog on a regular basis. and honestly, i don’t know what took so long! i love her minimalist style, sense of humor, and the gorgeous/clean layout of her website itself. though many of the outfits she wears are a bit out of my price range, i’m always inspired by how she remixes the occasional j.crew or madewell item. right now, her recent palm springs trip is really making me want to plan a trip to the desert -maybe when things cool down. if you’re looking for new blog to add to your reading list, check out jacey’s musings.

natural deodorant || like nearly every other lady out there, i have been on the hunt for a good and effective natural deodorant for years. i have tried MANY only to find that they either didn’t keep me dry and/or made me break-out in a severe rash. it’s one thing to be stinky, but who wants to have their armpits feel like they’re on fire? (tmi?). at any rate, i recently saw julie recommend a brand called primally pure on her blog, paleomg, and in reading her high praise of the product, i was intrigued. i did a little research, read additional reviews, and decided to try it out. at $12 a tube, it is a little pricey, but i figured if it worked well and helped prevent putting additional toxins into my body, then it was worth it, right? what i love about primally pure is that they offer a sensitive version of their regular deodorant formula for gals like me who seem to have a sensitivity to too much baking soda (a main ingredient in the product). they offer three scents -lemongrass, lavender, and tea tree, as well as an unscented version. i opted for lavender and having now used it for a little over two weeks, i’m a big fan. i goes on fairly smoothly and leaves minimal residue. it does take a few minutes to dry, so i always put it on first thing in my morning routine before i get dressed, but even after an eight-hour workday and a barre workout, it holds up! i’m excited to try the lemongrass version in the future.


favorite outfits from the week include: julia’s linen dress + lilacs AND her blue striped numberliz’s adorable scalloped pink swimsuit (swoon!), jess ann’s white maxi dress, natalie’s beach cover-up, and jacey’s red and white striped dress


a sneak peek of what’s coming next week:

statement sleeves (featuring my new eyelet sleeve tee)

my favorite straw hats (including my newest addition)

my favorite critter & fruit-adorned pieces for the summer (just bought this shirt for S for his birthday next week!)


three things i’m looking forward to this weekend:

continuing my birthday celebrations/kicking-off S’s birthday celebrations (his is on 6/13)

brunching with my best gals

having my third three-day weekend in a row (whoopsies!)


and in case you missed it, here’s what appeared on the blog this week*:

red, white & fruit

summer blues

jumpsuit(ing) into a new year


hope the june gloom doesn’t get you down! enjoy your weekend.


  • Aunt Teresa
    June 9, 2017

    Great post. Jacey’s clothes (and swim suits) are terrific but does she have a money tree,,, maybe she frequents sale events. I really like her red/white stripped dress. Thanks for the Primally Pure idea… you did the leg work for me. You have the BEST blog. It’s real and interesting. Have a fab weekend.

    • snadelman
      June 13, 2017

      Your comments make my whole day. Love you! xoxo

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