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it’s no secret that the sustainable brand, everlane has revolutionized the fashion industry in a number of ways. from offering radical transparency in how and where their garments are made to providing an approachable template for customer and brand relations (they’re customer service is top notch!), the little brand that could has fast become a well-known mainstay in the fashion world. and perhaps one of the most revolutionary things they’ve manage to accomplish in there brief tenure is the concept of the $100 cashmere sweater. 

for years cashmere was exclusively reserved for fashion’s elite. with a hefty price tag, cashmere was a fabric reserved for those with lux lifestyles -always just a tad out of reach for the everyday consumer (like myself). true, the price of a c-note is certainly not a bargain by any means, but for a sustainable, high-quality garment (i can attest as i’ve sent my sweaters to the cleaners almost a dozen times only to have it return looking brand new), that will last you season after season, it’s a smart investment.

on monday, everlane launched four new styles of cashmere to their $100 collection -including two new colors –soft pink and a charcoal and cream striped. personally, i’m a traditional gal and love the classic crew, but the crop mockneck would also be cute paired with their wide-leg cropped pants. here’s a peek at the styles (and colors!):

with its wild success, everlane’s $100 cashmere has almost become synonymous with the brand itself. in fact, their affordable model is now being replicated by the likes of j.crew who launched their “$98 cashmere” this season. cashmere for everyone!

what’s your favorite color? i’ve got my eye on the donegal and striped one!

p.s. the sweater i’m wearing is everlane’s cashmere crew in heather grey.


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  • Aunt Teresa
    October 11, 2017

    Even before you asked, I clicked on their site and eyed the red sweater. There are so many gorgeous colors, and I like the idea of different styles. Hard to choose just one!

    • srivera
      October 12, 2017

      I was eyeing the red, too! It would be perfect for the Holidays. You really can’t go wrong with anything from Everlane. xoxo

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