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there are some things that i may never grow tired of -trader joe’s (duh), almond butter (double duh), some sort of barre workout, the bravo network, j.crew, really great phone conversations, tim riggins, sunrises, the way brewing coffee smells in the morning. i don’t think i’ll ever not love the view from my office at the club or from the runner’s trail above swami’s beach, the acai bowl from honey’s, or how familiar it feels to step off the plane at nashville airport. and finally, i don’t think i’ll ever get overwhelmingly grand sense of gratitude and excitement i have/feel from seeing my name in print.

and i don’t think it’s something i should ever get over. i hope that with each passing published work i remember how truly blessed i am to have the opportunity to share my thoughts and words and feelings with others on a grander, tangible scale. i know i post my daily musings here, and for even this plot of internet real estate am i thankful, but there is still something magical about having your words published in ink for anyone to see. knowing that somewhere -in an anthropologie of all places, someone could pick up a copy of the fall issue of darling magazine and flip to page 106 and see an article about how to grieve a broken relationship written by yours truly is kind of mind-boggling.

i was lucky enough to be published in darling’s spring issue a few months back, and this summer they petitioned me to compose a piece for their fall magazine about a topic i seem to have some experience with. in all honesty, it would be an honor to be published in any capacity, but i feel particularly proud of this piece because it comes directly from first-hand experience and more importantly, from the heart.

you can order the fall issue here. it’s stunning, really. and i’m not even saying that because i’m in it (well, maybe a little).



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