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finished vanity


this is a photo of my guest room vanity. i wish i had a “before” shot but i don’t so just picture a barely-holding-on-by-a-hope-and-prayer 80’s-style towel rack, a mirror that covered the entire length of the wall and a light fixture (though the new style is barely visible in this pic) that was also in desperate need of an update.

S put the finishing touches on this little corner of the condo last night right in time for dinner. after weeks of stripping and patching and sanding and painting and drilling and installing (and money-spending), we (really, he) made some serious progress on #operationredecoration — the first of two more bathroom makeovers to come.

but this isn’t a DIY post or a HDIH (he did it himself) post for that matter. it’s what this freshly painted wall, the rustic framed mirror, the brushed nickle towel rod, even the $1.98 black cabinet knobs represent. 

to me, these home improvements –the summer fruits of S’s perpetual saturday afternoon labor, represent more than just an aesthetic face lift on my otherwise outdated home. they represent S’s commitment to our relationship, his promise to continue on this journey, his pact to perpetuate a life together. we are literally building a future, one painted wall and replaced lighting fixture at a time. and as intimidating as it seems to admit that out loud, it’s terribly exciting all the same.

i’ve discussed before how my love languages are words of affirmation and quality time, heavy emphasis on the former. and there are certain phrases like “i love you” and “i’m proud of you” that simply never get old. but what i have found in S and my relationship specifically is that while he certainly verbally affirms me all the time, he affirms me through action and service nearly just as much if not more. from starting dinner after one of my long days of work and teaching to sitting through a double feature of the bachelorette and real housewives of orange county to attending family gatherings and accompanying me on a shopping spree at the forum, and now, to almost single-handedly (if he’s the head contractor, i’m head designer) renovating my condo, his selfless steadfast service to me speaks volumes -at a decibel much louder than any shouted praise.


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