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i remember one of the first times i ever stepped into a madewell store. it was at the forum location in carlsbad which had just recently opened. i don’t know if it was the smell of new clothes, the classic blue and white decor, how neatly everything was arranged, or maybe a combination of all three, but something about the store made me giddy.

it didn’t take long before i found myself making up reasons to stop by “just to peruse” the madewell’s latest arrivals. it starts off so innocently, like that, doesn’t it? before i knew it, i had an appointment with the store’s resident stylist, lauryn, who promised to help me find a few updated pieces for my ever evolving wardrobe. aside from her knack for putting outfits together and encouraging me to try unexpected colors and shapes, our personalities clicked right away. half of the appointment we spent shopping and the other half we spent swapping stories about our personal lives. it felt as if i had known her my whole life. i ended up spending quite a few pennies that day, but on garments that have since become mainstays in my closet. through my experiences at madewell, i have learned to invest in pieces that make me feel good and can stand the test of time. not only has the brand has helped me hone in on my personal style, it has made me confident enough to try and rock trends (cough, high-waisted denim, cough) i never thought i could.

it’s no surprise then that my closet is morphing into a madewell showroom. and for that i say sorryimnotsorry.

to celebrate my loyalty to the brand, lauryn emailed me a few weeks ago with an idea. would i want to host my own insider event? i was immediately intrigued. essentially it would be an opportunity for me and my friends to shop the latest madewell collection, snack on yummy treats, and enjoy free styling tips from lauryn herself. and the best part? all attendees would receive an awesome discount off of their total purchase! once i had a better grasp of the concept, i absolutely jumped at the opportunity and began planning.

fast forward to last thursday, the day before the event. after barre class, i went into the store to meet with lauryn and pick out a few looks to create a styling rack. the rack would be filled with personalized picks for my friends to try-on, get inspired by, and hopefully love enough to take home. my mom came too and captured a few photos of all the fun that ensured thereafter. you guys, i felt like a movie star! i was instructed to grab “whatever i wanted” off any of the tables, racks, or displays and take it with me into the dressing room. since lauryn has come to know my personal style over our visits, she also pulled pieces she knew i’d love. once we had filled the rack with a menagerie of plaid shirts, denim, patterned skirts, and accessories, it was time to put looks together! this was my favorite part by far. with lauryn’s assistance, we created about a half dozen looks, each reflecting my personal taste and style. of them all, i think my favorite look was the block-stitch cable sweater paired with their signature flea market flare jeans. speaking of flares, oh my heavens, y’all. i drank the kool-aid and i’m officially a believer. with the proper footwear (heeled booties work perfectly), they make your legs look about 12058159792374283 miles long. honestly, i felt like freaking heidi klum prancing around in them in the store. i had such a fun time playing dress-up and was glad i had invited my mom to be a part of all the experience, too.

all that was left to do now was party!
















the moment i became a flare believer




me and lauryn, my event planner, personal stylist, and treasured friend


the next day -friday, october 30th, ten of my girlfriends joined me for some shopping, sweets, small talk, and fun! we laughed, we pretended we were madewell models, and we came home with a few goodies for our respective wardrobes.












overall, it was such a special evening! thank you again to everyone who attended. i’m already planning to host my next one in the spring, so i’ll be sure to keep you updated once we nail down an exact date and time. in the meantime, tune in tomorrow to see the details of some of my favorite looks!

mad love & madewell,


  • Mom
    November 6, 2015

    This was such a fun evening. I personally had never bought something from Madewell for myself, but now I have a great necklace and a cute pair of shoes!

  • Lauryn
    November 7, 2015

    Shawna! I adore you! Thank you for writing such a lovely post about your insider event! You are a peach And so kind! <3 i love helping you and I always enjoy talking with you! Xo Lauryn

    • snadelman
      November 8, 2015

      I adore YOU, Missy! Thank you again for everything, I can’t wait to do it all again soon. Xoxo

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