three pairs of mom jeans i love

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i recently had a request for a little round-up of my favorite mom-friendly jeans and with fall just around the corner, i figured now was a good of a time as any to share my top three picks! i realize denim shopping isn’t always at the top of everyone’s fun list, so i’ve done my best to provide my honest opinion about sizing and fit. the three pairs are also at a variety of price points, so hopefully there is one that fits in your budget (should you be in the market for some new denim).

target wild fable super-high rise distressed straight jeans || these are the little $22 jeans that could. the number of times i have worn these in one of those ‘i have nothing to wear’ moments has made every single one of those 2200 pennies spent worth it. i was never a distressed jeans kind of gal, but this pair convinced me otherwise. maybe it’s crazy to wear such holey jeans around your tiny humans but the fact that they’re already ripped kind of takes the pressure off of keeping them pristine. these jeans have a ton of stretch and give, making them ideal for bending down and crawling on the ground alongside your littles. i’ve washed and dried them multiple times and while the strings have needed to be trimmed a few times, i’m pleasantly surprised by how well they’ve held up thus far.

the website doesn’t state just how “super-high rise” these jeans are but i have a long torso and they hit me just below my navel if that’s any indication and how high they sit. i personally love the button-fly and the wider leg shaft. i’ve loved pairing them with sandals this summer and plan on layering my ankle booties under them come cooler weather.

sizing: stay true to size (they will stretch out, but a simple wash & dry will bring them back to their original fit). some customer reviews mention sizing down if you’re looking for a tighter fit.

madewell perfect vintage jeans || if you haven’t tried madewell denim yet, seriously what is you doing?! plain and simple, the brand does denim well. they have a number of washes, rises, styles and sizes (hey! that rhymes) and if you need assistance in determining your proper fit, i can attest to the fact that the lovely saleswomen are always happy to help. these jeans are actually a fairly recent purchase for me. i know, who is buying jeans in the summer(?!), but as a mom of twins, denim is something i wear constantly for its ease and durability. after ditching all of my skinny jeans, i still wanted a style that was somewhat of a hybrid of a skinny and straight leg. i found these to be the perfect marriage. as madewell describes them they are “a waist accentuating high rise slim tapered leg. so yeah, perfect.

they boast an 11 1/2″ rise (anything 10″ and above is the definition of a mom jean for me!) and a raw, slightly cropped hem. they’re what madewell calls a “comfort stretch” denim so they have a bit more give and will in fact stretch out with wear. i actually sized down TWO sizes to ensure they won’t stretch out too badly since a pair i owned a few years ago did the very same thing (they were comically huge by the end, i ended up donating them). SPEAKING OF DONATING… did you know madewell has a denim recycling program?! you can bring in an old pair of jeans (any brand!) and receive $20 toward a new pair! and if you can’t seem to find the right ones on that specific visit, they will give you a voucher to use at a later time. anyway, i realize $135 isn’t in everyone’s price range, but for good quality denim that will last me years and years, i’m willing to spend a bit more.

sizing: madewell denim is notoriously generous with their sizing. size down at least one size (if not two)! they also come in petite and tall sizes.

abercrombie high rise mom jeans || okay okay i know what you’re thinking…abercrombie? as in & fitch? that place we shopped for moose adorned polos and denim mini skirts in the late 90’s? yes it’s the same brand, but she’s all grown up. the abercrombie of our youth has had a bit of a rebrand over the past few years and turns out, she’s pretty cute -and size inclusive! ironically i got rid of my pair of abercrombie mom jeans a few months after becoming a mom following the realization that they didn’t fit me quite how they used to (in case you need to hear this, too -TOSS THINGS THAT MAKE YOU FEEL BADLY ABOUT YOURSELF!) but i can assure you that when i did wear them, i found them to be super cute! what i love about abercrombie jeans is that they look way more expensive than their modest price tag. they also come in a variety of styles -including a curvy fit for those with smaller waists and more muscular booties/thighs since denim can often gap with an hourglass silhouette.

they come in extra short, short, regular, and tall lengths and in sizes 23-37. of the three pairs, they’re definitely the most rigid, which is why i recommend staying true to your regular denim size, if not possibly sizing up one for a little breathing room.

sizing: stay true to size (could size up one, as well).

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