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i know, i’m a month late on this but i have an excuse (and don’t worry it doesn’t involve the word “busy” because we’re all busy and that’s not an excuse). to be truthfully honest, i didn’t want to write this post at all. i don’t care much for new year’s resolutions because i’m a firm believer that january 1st does not have a monopoly on making changes to one’s life.

but then i started thinking about accountability and about how when you put something down on paper (or in this case internet “paper”) for all the world to see, it motivates you to follow through with whatever you’ve decided you’d like to accomplish. all of a sudden you’re answering to more than just yourself. and while that’s scary as you know what, it’s also extremely empowering because you know that there’s a community of people -some you may know and some you may never meet, all holding up those big foam fingers and shouting “you can do it!” and that’s kind of neat.

so here it goes, a few things i have set my sights on achieving as it pertains to this little plot of internet real estate. as always, thanks for reading!

post a mermaid waves tutorial || this is my number one goal this year -figure out how to record/post a hair tutorial of my very own. from what i can tell, i only really need good lighting, some fun background music, and something to prop my iphone up against before i hit play and watch hilarity ensue (i’ve practiced talking to myself in the mirror a few (dozen) times and oof, a news anchor i am not). but i feel passionately about my curling wand and its amazing ability to take my hair from drab to fab in about fifteenish minutes flat so by golly, the internet WILL have an awkward video of me circulating around by the end of the year! you’re welcome in advance.

grow my instagram following to 1k || thanks to hashtags, follow fridays and being posted in more than a few photos by my dear friend natalie (whose instagram following totals over 13k), i’ve managed to grow my following by nearly 200 in the past three months alone. while i know my worth is not contingent on how many followers i have, from a business perspective, i have learned that when you have a larger following, you open yourself up for new and bigger opportunities; opportunities that could help grow shawna leeann as a brand and get me one step closer to making blogging a full-time career. so if you haven’t already, will you do me a favor and tell your friends/family/favorite starbucks barista about this blog? and maybe ask them to follow along on instagram? (thank you, you’re the best!).

start a newsletter || a writer at heart, i love the idea of sending out a weekly newsletter to my readers. aside from highlighting specific posts, sales at some of my favorite retailers, and one piece i’m coveting that week, it would afford me the opportunity to pull back the curtain and share a bit more of my personality and personal life. i envision lots of song lyrics, friday night lights and friends references, and maybe even a recipe or two. stay tuned!

seek out more collaborations || i was lucky enough to collaborate with FOUR of the internet’s most fashionable ladies last year (more pieces of methoughts by natalie, art in the find, and linen, lace, & love) as well as partner with simplyworkout shoppe just last week. not only have all five opportunities provided a platform in which to gain more exposure and readers, more importantly, they reminded me what a warm, supportive, and seriously stylish community the fashion blogging world is. my goal for the new year is to have both the opportunity to work with the aforementioned ladies again, as well as seek out new partnerships with fellow bloggers and brands.

and finally,

continue to define my style & refine my closet || this past year i added a lot more neutral pieces to my closet and soon discovered that i prefer having a palette of whites, creams, blacks, greys, and muted blues (aka chambray) for its versatility, simplicity, and subtle sophistication. while i’m certainly not quite ready to cut color completely out of my wardrobe, i do see me continuing to pursue a capsule collection of pieces that can mix and match effortlessly. after one meaningful closet purge, i have attempted to subscribe to the “quality over quantity” mentality whenever purchasing new pieces for my closet and therefore, i pledge to practice mindful shopping moving forward, assessing whether a garment not only fits into my lifestyle but can be styled for various occasions before handing over my credit card.


so there you have it, a few of my blog aspirations for the new year. will you do me a favor and help keep me accountable?

i pay in cake.

  • Conni
    February 2, 2016


    Those are some great goals, girl! So glad that we could collaborate on our blogs together. Looking forward to seeing you hit some of those fabulous goals in 2016.


    • snadelman
      February 2, 2016

      Thank you SO much, darling! I appreciate your encouragement and support more than you know. Hopefully we can connect when you’re back in San Diego.


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