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since S and i are leaving for a little vacation to chicago this week, travel/travel style is obviously on my mind. i have a full post of everything i packed for the trip queued up for you tomorrow (similar to the one i posted before our la quinta getaway), but in the meantime, i thought it might be fun to talk about the steps i take in planning my outfit for the plane ride itself. below are a few tips i consider before putting together my look.




layering is your friend. i don’t know about you but my temperature changes at least three times between take-off and landing. airport terminals can be cold and airplanes can be hot. and vice versa. so to ensure you’re not freezing/sweating, the art of layering becomes your best line of defense. sure, you may have to shed an extra garment at the security line, but it’s a small price to pay for being comfortable en route to your final destination. my favorite layering pieces include a cozy cardigan (doubles as a blanket on the plane), a vest (keeps your core warm without being bulky), or a light-weight button-down (can be thrown over a simple tank or tee or tied around your waist to create outfit interest).

wear your heaviest items on the plane. despite it being spring, the forecasted weather for chi-town currently reads mid-50’s with scattered rain (boo), so this california girl is definitely going to need to stay warm! that’s why i’m definitely bringing along a heavier quilted coat. to save room in my carry-on, i always try to wear my bulkier items, like outerwear, on the plane. not only are they at the ready if needed when we land (we certainly weren’t in kansas anymore when we landed in vancouver in the middle of january last year) but keeping them unpacked allows for more room for other necessities (and by “necessities” i mean souvenirs on the way home!).

minimize accessories. while my outfit never feels “complete” without a belt and a natalie borton necklace, i realize accessorizing isn’t exactly travel-friendly. so i usually opt for high-waisted pants that look good (and stay up!) without a belt and keep my jewelry simple with my pearl stud-earrings and watch. there’ll be plenty of time for accessorizing once we land, i’d rather not have to worry about having a necklace break (or worse, get stolen!) while being shuttled through security.




comfort before everything else. i realize many of us are able to endure unpleasant situations in the name of fashion (myself included), but as i’ve gotten older, i’ve realized that if an outfit isn’t at its core comfortable, it has no place on my body. especially if that body is going to be sedentary in cramped quarters for threeplus hours. short of traveling in my pajamas (which i’m not above doing), i try to find pieces that are the next best thing. for me, that means pants with plenty of stretch, cozy cotton knits that can be layered depending on the environment, and shoes that make running around an airport (and ultimately around a new city), a breeze. i’ve never been one to sport sneakers anywhere else but in the gym or on the tennis court, but i think that’s because i never had a pair of shoes this chic. i love how light-weight these nike free’s are and in classic black and white, they go with everything. though they’ll certainly replace my current athletic shoes, i’m excited to sport them in my non-fitness life as well. they’re ideal for a city trip where our feet will be the primary means of transportation!





everlane cashmere sweater || madewell jeans || nike free 5.0 training sneakers

michael kors jacket (similar)


would you believe i managed to pack five days worth of clothing into this carry-on?! see what’s coming with me tomorrow. and if you’re headed out on a trip yourself, happy & safe traveling!

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  • Aunt Teresa
    April 25, 2016

    That is a wonderful travel outfit. It looks comfortable. It will be interesting to see how you packed given your 5 days away. Enjoy your trip and stay safe.

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