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so remember that one time I wrote a book?

yes, ladies and gentlemen (because I’m learning more and more how many gents actually make up my regular readership and it makes me equal parts happy and flattered), sunday night around midnight, so maybe I should say yesterday morning?, I put a fork in a project now almost a year in the making.

as of the first waking hours of december 3rd, 2012, i officially finished Dear Ex, Thank you, Love Me.

and while it’s far from print/publishing-ready, I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of “finally!” relief when I capitalized my final letter and hit save.

and perhaps greater than the fact that I’ve managed to pen a collection of stories that may or may not amuse and/or inspire many a single-lady out there (or just people in general, single, married, “it’s complicated,” whatever!), I think what I’m most thankful for and most proud of is the fact that I’ve finished the project at all.

because let’s be honest, there have been many, MANY (maybe too many) days where I all but abandoned the endeavor completely; telling myself that no one would give it a second thought if I just one day ceased to carry out its conclusion.

and while that may have been (and still might be) true, i knew that in doing so; in abandoning a goal I had set for myself almost 365 days ago, the person I’d really be letting down was myself.

because goals are meant to be achieved, no matter if it takes a day, or nearly 365 of them.

the fact that the finish line was at long last crossed is the only detail i’m truly concerned with at this time.

so thank the Lord for His gift of perseverance and for surrounding me with wonderful humans to encourage me and affirm me in my talents along the way.

now pass the (almond) champagne, because this is cause for celebration!


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