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i’m not usually one for new year’s resolutions because frankly i don’t want to wait 365 days to make a change or chase my dreams. but since i was already brainstorming things i’d like to accomplish in the not so distant future and today just happens to be january 1st (happy new year, bee-tee-dub), i suppose i might as well combine the two concepts and resolve to do a few things this year.

and while there’s nothing short of 487 different things i’d like to do, see, experience, and change in 2013, i figured i’d start small and add-on as needed. so i’ve managed to streamline my aspirations for twenty-thirteen down to two main objectives:

(drumroll please)

in 2013 i resolve to:

1) publish my book (and then proceed to become really really rich and famous. i’m kidding! sort of).

2) drink more water.

wait, is that technically 3 things? or doesn’t that whole “becoming rich and famous” thing automatically happen when you write a book?

in all seriousness, this pair of, well, fine, let’s call them resolutions, are the things i’m gunning for in the new year. because for real guys, my water intake in 2012 was mediocre at best (i know, even with those complimentary venti ice waters).

but if it turns out that i drink enough water in january to carry me through at least june, and that book gets a fire lit under its, well, you know, and publishes itself before first quarter’s end, then i have a few (dozen) additional aims i could tackle. but only if i have the time (because that water-drinking business is a real time-stealer):

3) maintain one hair color (see also: stay a redhead).
4) be more patient -with God’s timing, with people, with situations, with myself. just be patient.
5) travel. to nashville (see you in february!), san francisco, and somewhere on the east coast.
6) tell my friends and family how much i appreciate them. every day. multiple times per day.
7) try one new recipe per month.
8) wear more lipstick.
9) re-watch all five seasons of friday night lights.

and finally

10) worry less. love more. and adhere to the statement -“life is a party, dress accordingly.” (in other words, step up my daily outfits in 2013!)

if you’re joining me in making some resolutions shmesolutions this year, i wish you the best of luck in your endeavors and if you need an accountability partner, i’ve been told that i’m a pretty good one.

so here’s to 2013! may it be filled with lots of hydration and a new york times best-seller.

or in the very least, a lot of really good food.

bring it on, 2013.

bring it on, 2013.


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